PAtronel and Soriela

Patronel and Soriela is a book for children aged 9-12 years and more. It is a fantasy book to enrich childhood. Like the heroes in the stories who rose from the ashes, from helplessness, from being defeated by life and other malicious people, Patronel passes through all the difficulties to become stronger than he was. It’s a book to inspire courage and determination. When you have a dream, nothing is impossible. When you are determined to fight and overcome all the obstacles nothing can get in your way. Nothing can stop you.

The Story

Imagine a society with no rules. Everyone is free to act as he sees fit. A world is full of selfish, greedy, immoral people who act to destroy what is good and think about what is best only for them. Honest men are mocked and humiliated. A world where wizards are powerful obeyed and they are free to cast spells to harm those around them without any consequences.

Patronel is writing


In a world with no rules, Patronel is a young man, honest, fighter for the right things, intelligent, courageous, and determined. At the beginning of the story, we find Patronel as an owner of a glass factory having over 500 employees. He is wise, kind, loving, sociable, fair, and nice to people. He is sought after by many businessmen for his advice.


But one day he is betrayed by three of his counselor. In order to take over his factory without paying it, the three went to a Wizard who turned Patronel into a toad, telling him that he will become human again when he eats a pear that grew in a cherry-tree. That means, never.
From this point Patronel is helpless. He can no longer communicate with anyone but frogs because nothing of what he says is understood by humans. If he would be an ordinary man he would give up, wouldn’t he? What would you do if you were him? How to convey something to people as long as you don’t speak the human language anymore? How to get close to them as long as few people love frogs. How would you know who likes you or not?


But Patronel is not an ordinary man, much less an ordinary frog. HE NEVER GIVES UP. He is determined to face every obstacle and win no matter what or how long it’s going to take.
However, Patronel is not alone. Soriela is a young employee of his factory, secretly in love with him. Although she tried to warn him about the plot of the three he didn’t believe her. So she failed to save him. But she is the one who gives him strength and her love is a fuel to keep him on track towards his new purposes.

Fanica Rarinca

Fănica Rarinca


Fănica Rarinca is a Romanian geography teacher from 2000. She has 20 years of experience working with children and teenagers. She understands their needs, their worry, and their behavior.

Fănica is also a blogger. For the last six years, she is writing personal development articles on her blog Fanautodidact. She is reading personal development books for about 10 years. Shortly after starting reading self-help books, she learned to change herself and to act in order to fulfill her dreams. One of her dreams, since she was a child, was to write books, to become an author, and to enjoy many readers with her stories. After starting reading self-help books she faced her fears and decided to put her soul through what she was writing.

Patronel and Soriela was the first book she wrote and published, and it was born out of a nightmare. In her dream she was Soriela and she failed to save the one man who mattered to her the most.

It is a short reading, a book with 100 pages, easy to read, and to understand.

During these 10 years she kept reading self-help books, she attended seminaries, and learned to change herself bit-by-bit.

She got married, became a mother, started to write a blog, and now she performs as a teacher, blogger, and author every day.

In 2016 she wrote and published in Romanian a self-help book, “Free yourself from the wounds of the past and rediscover happiness!”

A year later another nightmare inspired her. She started writing the plot and the story became a four-volume novel, titled “Little Orange Star” and she published the first volume in Romanian in August 2020.

Patronel and Soriela is the first of her books that has been translated into English and it is now published and available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback.

Why is Patronel and Soriela valuable?

Patronel and Soriela help children to learn important values such as:

  • Never give up, no matter how hard it is. Keep fighting for what you want.
  • Be brave to face the hardships of life.Friendship – when you are in trouble you will find friends and help that you don’t expect.
  • Determination – decide to work until you succeed, no matter how long it takes or how many sacrifices you have to make.
  • Trust – in yourself and in people, even if some disappointed you.
  • Faith – Patronel believes that a miracle can happen and a cherry tree can bear pears.
  • Fairness – Patronel is a fair man who rewards everyone what they deserve.
  • Love – being willing to make certain sacrifices for the one you love.

Is this book for you or your children?

Who is it for?

  • For children aged 9-12 years who want to explore the world of stories, to live adventures or dramas from books.
  • For children who feel that their life is full of frustrations, for which they cannot find a solution.
  • For children who believe their lives are boring and want to escape into the world of stories.
  • For children who devour books, who identify themselves with the characters they read about.
  • For children who are eager to turn the next page and find out what else is happening and how the plot is ending.
  • For children who imagine the continuation or the end of the story, they are going through.
  • For children who love happy ending books.For children who like fantasy and a little romance in the stories.

Who is not for?

This book is not for those who:

  •  don’t read fantasy books.
  • don’t read books at all.
  • don’t love happy ending books.
  • - expect stories with zombies, apocalypse, or other genres of fiction.

What do those who read it say?

Alexandru C.


I liked Patronel and Soriela because it has mystery, intrigue, emotion, and longing. His determination to turn an impossible situation into reality touched me deeply.

Iulia B. 


I was impressed that the book Patronel and Soriela was born out of a nightmare. I find it interesting to dream and imagine such an interesting and original story. I really liked the love story between the characters because it has a happy ending.

Andra G.


Patronel and Soriela it’s a book that takes your imagination to unique places. I love the moment when Patronel, being a frog managed to write messages to Soriela, telling her who he really was and what he intended to do. Although Patronel is a helpless frog he is persistent toward his goals, to amaze with human action. I liked the most when Patronel and Soriela united their souls forever. It is a fascinating love story, a wonderful book, and worth reading.

Andreea M


I really liked this book. The characters have qualities but not all of them. Soriela loved Patronel, although he didn’t know. Everything was great until The Wizard turned Patronel into a toad. Nobody noticed him. Everybody ignored him. Only Soriela, a young, sensible, and beautiful girl took him at her place. When Patronel found out that Soriela loved him, decided to find a way to show her who he was. My favorite character was Soriela. Her qualities are kindness, gentleness, and goodwill. The story has action, fun, and love. The drawings are wonderful.

MARia m.


This book is actually a love story in which the characters who love each other face many obstacles because of the negative characters. Patronel is an intelligent young man, and even when he is turned into a toad he finds ways to prove Soriela that he is a human, not an animal. The negative character in this story will eventually be destroyed by Patronel’s intelligence and wisdom and Soriela’s desire to help.