Fanica Rarinca

Fănica Rarinca is a Romanian teacher, blogger and author for children and grown-up people.

She wrote fantasy books for children and teenagers and a self-help book. Two of her fantasy books, addressed to children and teenagers were born out of nightmares.

She is passionate about reading fiction and non-fiction books and watching movies. Many of the books she read and the artistic or series films she watched inspired her.

Her life has changed in 2010. Originally a geography teacher for children in mid-school she was looking for a way to earn some more money.

Although she liked the stories from childhood, in 2010 was invited to participate at a business seminar, in order to help her increase her income. The seminar was about self-development and she fell in love with this kind of books. She started to read, to learn and change the way she thinks and the results appeared.

In 2010 she was inspired by a nightmare. She was dreaming a young factory owner being betrayed by three people he trusted. They went to a Wizard to put a spell on him and the Wizard did what he was paid to do. A young employee, secretly in love with him, tried to save him, telling him about the plot, but he would not listen.  Therefore, the young man was turn into a toad.  Then she woke up. Somehow she knew the young man was a fighter, determined to succeed. She wanted to fell asleep again to dream the way he was becoming human again. Trying to think the scenes of overpassing the obstacles she realized that she does not need to sleep. She could finish the story, the way she wanted. She wrote the chapters title, and then completed the work. The result was a book for children aged 9-12 years titled Patronel and Soriela.

In 2014 she became mother and started to write on a blog (Fanautodidact) about different subjects she learned from the self-development books.

In 2016, born out of a dream to be an author, to inspire people around her, and from the way she healed herself, she wrote a book about healing the trauma of the childhood and re-discover happiness.

Another nightmare inspired her in 2017. She was dreaming that her son was shrunk by an electric panel then she lost him. She woke up scared. When she saw her son sleeping peacefully she was grateful. Her mind thought of what would happen if the dream was real. All the scenes she imagined she wrote and a novel was born. It is titled Little Orange Star. It is a Romanian series novel in four volumes. The first volume Little Orange Starr – By Himself was published for the teenagers from Romania. The other three are about to be published in the next years.

By far, only the book Patronel and Soriela was translated into English and it is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback.