My mission is to inspire children, teenagers and adults to improve their life and to be happier.

Make the best of what's given you
Everything will come in time
Why deny yourself
Don't just let life pass you by
Like winter in July”

(Sarah Brightman - Winter In July)

Patronel and Soriela

Imagine a society with no rules. Everyone is free to act as he sees fit. A world is full of selfish, greedy, immoral people who act to destroy what is good and think about what is best only for them. Honest men are mocked and humiliated. A world where wizards are powerful obeyed and they are free to cast spells to harm those around them without any consequences.

Little Orange Star

It is a Romanian series novel in four volumes. The first volume was published for the teenagers from Romania. The other three are about to be published in the next years.

What Others Say


I’m done reading the second volume. I started it Yesterday and I read about 400 pages and now the rest of it. You just can’t leave the book out of your hand. It’s very exciting! It keeps you in suspense, unforeseen things come up, you can’t predict anything… It’s a brilliant book! I can’t wait for the next volume! Fănica has real talent. The descriptions are very good, she obviously did a bit of research on some topics. And the ideas in personal development are inserted very well, in a way easy to read and to understand.

Nicoleta Nistor 

 / Coach, Therapist, Author


I attended a very interesting and useful workshop. I loved the "Blockage Destroyer" exercise - I immersed myself completely in the library's décor, I smelled the smell of books, I felt the coolness of the library, I connected with the people around the campfire and I burned the blockage. I had a sense of intense liberation.

Felicia D.

/ Teacher


I really enjoyed the workshop <Free yourself from the wounds of the past>. I really liked the variety and complexity of the exercises, the fact that I actually worked on emotional issues and released very old blockages. I understand that setting clear goals is the first step towards achieving them.

Oana S.

/ Translator

Fanica Rarinca
Fanica Rarinca

She is a Romanian teacher, blogger and author for children and grown-up people.
She is passionate about reading fiction and non-fiction books and watching movies. Many of the books she read and the artistic or series films she watched inspired me.

She wrote fantasy books for children and teenagers and a self-help book. Two of her fantasy books, addressed to children and teenagers were born out of nightmares.

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